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  1. Direct link for printing.
  2. Direct link for printing.
  3. The purpose of the Mt. Horeb K-5 PTO is to advocate for children, teachers, parents, and schools. We strive to create a closer working relationship between home and school and to enhance communication among parents, teachers, and community members. The PTO is dedicated to enriching Mt. Horeb school children’s educational experience. The PTO is your organization. Your participation is valuable and indispensable! Please help at any level that your schedule allows. Volunteers are needed to design and implement PTO programs and projects and to help coordinate existing activities. Please share your time and talents! We thank you for your past support, and ask you for your continued involvement in these wonderful programs.
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  5. To sign up for our Newsletter or Volunteer, click "Sign Up" at the top of this page. (Before you can actually volunteer for us, you'll need to complete your background check with the school district. Find out how to do that here.) You can also print and fill out this Volunteer Form and drop it off at your child's school. (Direct Link for printing.)
  6. Subscribe to our calendar to see events on your devices! (Direct link for printing.)
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